I work with numbers of clients who are Amazon vendors; that is, they sell their products on the Amazon platform. After a photo shoot last week one of them took the time to explain how it works to be a trader of goods at Amazon.

First of all, there’s a complex and sometime long-winding process to go through to be accepted as an Amazon vendor. Paperwork and forms have to be submitted, background checks to be conducted, financial records to be scrutinised and work history etc.

Once all that’s been cleared, you are invited to enter a programme to suss out what kind of product you want to sell (in case you are not producing your own products, that is), as well as your business targets, product price range etc. And once you’ve been through that process, you’re ready to submit your first order to be shipped to  Amazon storage facility, so you don’t storage your products in your home or garage.

My Amazon vendor clients bring sample products to me which I took photo shooting in various environments. Simple white back ground products photography and scene lifestyle photo shooting with props in my photo studio. Some products required house lifestyle photography scene.

One of product I took photography while ago, I organised shooting in my house. The product required kitchen, living room, bathroom and garden scene of use. Sometime need to go farther, such as forest, beach and park outside in environment that is suitable for the product in question. It is always important that potential consumers can easily imagine use of products in scene.

When products are added to their Amazon shops, or a model gets upgraded, that means more shooting for me and maybe some more inside information about the mechanics behind one of the world’s most successful big corporations – or at least what it’s like being a trader who sells through their website.


If you have products you’d like to showcase in a professional and appealing style, please send me a message to inquire about photographic solutions that work for your specific needs.


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