I’ve been working for quite some time with a client who imports coffee-related products from Europe to sell here in New Zealand. I love coffee and I love taking intriguing photos, and I really like working with the client, so all in all a very pleasant experience.

Coffee makes for a great model, very photogenic and easy to direct 😉

There are so many options and environments you could explore when it comes to coffee. Having said that, my client had a specific vision of what he wanted for his products, but she couldn’t really explain exactly what was in his head. So, I took plenty of test shots: simple product shots with just a minimum of added decorations, coloured themes, group shots, rich and dark lifestyle photos, bright and uncluttered lifestyle scenes, and others. Lighting as well, using natural daylight to create soft & mild breakfast scene, flash light for the clear sharp product focused shots or office scene setting,  tungsten lighting for rustic, dark and dim countryside images.

Sometimes it isn’t easy to find what the client is after, but in those cases it’s just a matter of keeping on until they see what they had in mind and the shoot can get sorted. We got there eventually, many cups of coffee later.

If you have products you’d like to showcase in a professional and appealing style, please send me a message to inquire about photographic solutions that work for your specific needs.

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