Before shooting life style photos, it required preparing variety of backdrops and props  which match with situation images or even create greater atmosphere.

I usually use my big stock of props however not all the time. Some customer required very specific props / backdrops.

One of recent customer wanted to have various colour backdrops with texture and uneven colours.

We did test shots with few back drops with my stocks, but didn’t get right result. 

So I decided to create the original backdrops for the client. 

First, I need to buy plaster and sand making base texture on wood board. I cut board, mix plaster and sand then apply on there board

Trying making flat surface with nice subtle detail texture, let them dry.

Then painted with base colour, it is time consuming work as there is texture on surface not plain flat. I painted all over with big brush then have to use small brush 

to cover small spots with base colour then waited to dry.

After base paint is completely dried, apply lighter shade of colour with brush texture to see throwBase colour.

When I applied the lighter colour on the base, it looks good, I was so happy.

But the second pain got dried, I couldn’t see the colour, looked so flat.

It was such a disappointment. So I have to make lighter and different shade of colour mix then applied again.

I had to do several times to get nice abstract backdrop boards. 


Hopefully client would like the texture and colour.


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