One of my first assignment as a photographer at ClickPicsNZ was at a restaurant in Auckland CBD. The restaurant owner wanted to update the menu with new and fresh photos. Naturally, I was a bit nervous as I didn’t know what to expect in terms of the ambience and light sources of the space where the photo shoot was supposed to take place. But, as I have made a habit of since, I came well prepared with optional lighting, an assortment of props and a good choice of lenses for my camera.

Carrying all of my equipment through busy streets of the city wasn’t going to be a simple task for someone as small as me. However it turned out I could unload my stuff in a loading zone right outside the restaurant, and then park the car in the basement of the building. Phew! Lucky me.

Another stroke of luck for me was that the restaurant manager had cleared a space on the outside terrace for me to work in. I was happy to work in available sunlight, only using a minimum of relfectors and lighting. It is always challenging taking photos out of studio, all environments affect photo quality.

I was so grateful for the great organisational skills on account of the manager who made the chefs prepare dishes one after the other to give me plenty of time to work with the food when it was freshly made and looking its best. She also prepared loads of props for me to work with: Raw ingredients, fresh vegetables, spices, herbs and Asian-style bread. All this made it easy for me to create authentic and appetising lifestyle / still life photography for the restaurant.

All in all, I shot about 20 different dishes, although the initial requirement was for five-seven. The client was so happy with the result that we just kept going, we made a great successful session together. I was happy and relieved.

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