Big overalls, small studio

product photographyWhat can you do when you have been assigned the shooting of a mechanic’s overalls that’s big – I mean really big – in the confined space of my small Auckland photo studio?

You lay the overalls flat on the floor while suspending yourself on a stepladder above it, that’s how you do it.

If you have met me, you know that I’m not a tall woman. So, in order to get the camera up high enough to get the whole garment into the frame, I had to climb onto the top rung and hold the camera above my head. Not the safest or most comfortable way of getting the photo shot.

But before I ventured to the top of the ladder in my death-defying act of photographic insanity, I had to make the piece of massive clothing look good. That is, iron the whole thing. That, in itself, was an additional challenge. Have you ever tried your hands at ironing a massive, double-tiered thing with a special coating on the outer layer? If you have, you know it takes time, strength and precision.

Anyway, the shoot went relatively smooth after trying different lighting options, using on-camera flashes, LED kit lights, and the natural light coming through the windows of my photo studio. I often find that available daylight works great for bringing out the textures in fabric. Even though there are more factors involved dealing with the inconsistency of natural light, it can be tremendously rewarding. I always try to take test shots without artificial lights before I start the product, food and portrait photography sessions I do – just to get a grip on textures, reflections, shading and ambience.

So, all ended well without any broken bones or concussions. And, most importantly, my client was happy with the final photos.

If you have products you’d like to showcase in a professional and appealing style, please send me a message to inquire about photographic solutions that work for your specific needs.

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