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The first thing your potential customers usually see is photographs of your product or service offering.  So it makes sense to get these important photos done by a professional!  We specialize in creating stunning photos and images of hospitality food or products.  We bring our expertise and experience to the table to help you decide on which backgrounds, colours, brightness and other technical aspects of your food or product.   Entice your customers with incredible showcase photos from Click Pics today!

Social Media Photo Package

Social media is an essential medium for modern businesses to showcase and advertise their products or services.  To do this effectively and create the wow factor in your potential customers you need great images. That’s where we come in; professional photography to make your products impress!  Call or email us today to get your free photography consultation.

Food & Product Package

Food and Product photography is our speciality.  We have years of experience taking photos and creating images to entice your potential customers to purchase.  Images are usually the first thing your customers see, so it makes sense to make sure they are looking amazing and appetizing.  At Click Pics we are experts in just that, creating incredible photos that create new business and get lots of clicks/likes.

Custom Photo Shoot Package

When Custom photo shoots are required Click Pics has you covered.  Our product and service photography service is versatile.  We work with tight deadlines to make sure you business is ready to go and your photographs will be securely stored so you have a backup.

Affordable Photography

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We understand the financial pressure on business owners, so we strive to offer affordable food and product photography packages to suit any requirement.

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We work with your deadlines getting the job done fast and on time.  You can be assured of our fast response and our professional photography service is a simple process from start to finish.

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